Paint my jewellery ….it’s a picture of thousand colours!!!!
Hailing from the city of gemstones it gives us immense privilege to provide our customers with best varities of gems …our each creation is designed keeping in mind the potential of the gems,they are carved and cut as per the design requirements. It’s our specialty to use different combinations of precious and semiprecious stones … from emeralds and rubies to rose quartz ,mother of pearl to aquamarines… this sets our pieces apart!

  • The contrasting shades of pink embrace each other in white gold and diamonds.

  • Beautiful carved rose quartzs inlayed with yellow gold wire and diamonds.

  • Antique looking rose ring in jade and diamonds.

  • Inspired from the pastel colour flowers in the evening garden set in cluster with gold and diamonds.

  • Abstract shaped coral set stylishly in yellow gold and diamonds.

  • Carved turquoise ring enhanced with pink sapphires and white gold.