Understanding the art-enamelling
Enameling in jewellery is fusing of coloured glass on metal. The powder melts, flows, and then hardens to a smooth, durable vitreous coating on metal. This technique started to emerge popularly in Europe in middle ages, beginning with new Romans and then byzantines.It later reached china in 13-14th century. From more recent history the enamel colour became favorites of jewellery designers like peter Carl Faberge, who created the fantastic enameled eggs,enamelled copper boxes of battersea enamellers etc. which created a rage. Enamel can be transparent or opaque in colour when fired. There are various techniques like basse-tille,champlevé,cloissone,plique a jour etc.

This collection takes you through the journey of countless emotions, innumerable shades of colours all combined together to create magical palette of designs…

  • Extotic looking flowers set in shades of pink and green beautifully stringed with pearls.

  • Inspired from the carving and jalis of the architecture rectangle shaped pendant in yellow gold.

  • Curves and flows of leaves enamelled in pretty pink and greens.

  • Floral bangle enamelled in 18kt yellow gold.

  • Real peacock feather makes this pendant look exotic in gold and diamonds.